Do you have to register with a political party affiliation in Georgia?
• No, you don’t declare a specific party affiliation at the time of registration. However, in primary and primary runoff elections, you will be asked to declare a party preference at the time of voting (whether in person or absentee by mail request) so that you are given the correct ballot for the election. For a runoff election, you will need to keep the same party if you voted in the primary under that party. You can choose the same or a different party during the next primary election, however.

I was convicted of a felony offense but I have completed all elements of my sentence (incarceration, probation, parole, payment of fines, etc). Can I re-register to vote?
• Yes, if you have completed ALL elements of your sentence. Visit My Voter Page at to re-register online or contact us at 912-790-1520 for more information.

Do I have to register to vote for every election?
• No, you only have to register once unless your registration has been cancelled due to a felony conviction, inactivity, etc. Check to confirm your registration status at least 40 days prior to an election.

If I request an absentee by mail ballot and mark one of the exceptions on the form (disabled, elderly, military, overseas civilian), and am therefore considered to be on the "rollover list" do I automatically get absentee ballots for each election permanently?
• If you qualify under one of these exceptions, you will be considered a “rollover voter” and will receive ballots sent to you automatically for elections that you are eligible for in the same calendar year as your request. In the next calendar year, you will need to submit a new application with an exception marked to renew your exception for that calendar year.