Chatham County residents may register to vote or change their address/name at the Chatham County Office of Voter Registration, municipal town hall and public libraries.

You can download the voter registration application here. The deadlines for voter registration can be found here.

Motor Voter registration is offered when you renew or apply for your driver's license. Registrations conducted via driver's license department and/or mail are not guaranteed. You have an individual responsibility to confirm your registration prior to election day, do so by calling 912-790-1520 or 1-888-265-1115 or by visiting My Voter Page.

To register to vote in the state of Georgia, you must be:

  • A citizen of the United States
  • A legal resident of Georgia and of the county in which you wish to vote
  • 18 years old by election day (17 1/2 at time of registration)

Also, you may not register to vote if you are currently:

  • Serving any sentence imposed by conviction of a felony
  • Judicially determined to be mentally incompetent

In the state of Georgia, you do not have to register by political party to vote in the state's regular primaries or general elections. However, for primary elections you must declare your party preference when casting your vote.

For more information on voter registration, click here.